Network Pedagogical University

During the meeting of the heads of three teacher’s training universities of Volga Region and Ural (PSHPU, CSPU, BSPU) on November,14 inthe city of Ufa it was agreed that the Network Pedagogical University was to be established. The agreement implies the creation of the integrated informational and educational space of the above listed universities.

The Pedagogical Universities of Perm,Ufa and Chelyabinsk will provide its students with access to E-libraries. The students will also be given the opportunity to study educational programmes provided by other universities on the basis of student exchange project and to undergo a training course in organizations of other regions.

The cooperation of the universities is based on compensatory principle. Thus, it is planned that Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University will introduce new specialities which have been successfully fulfilled in other universities-parties to the agreement. It infers active interchange between leading teachers who will be able to share their experience with colleagues and students from other higher educational establishments. The liaising of scientific manpower will lead to the qualitative improvement of the universities research and development works.

Apart from direct cooperation, PSHPU, BSPU and CSPU are intended to interact in the virtual space. Presently, an integrated portal of video lectures is under way. Part of the video files will be highly specialized, the other part will be aimed at the popularization of science and acquiring the results of the activity of scientific schools at other universities. Furthermore, utilization of advanced media technologies will result in expansion of the stocks of the universities E-libraries. These steps will enable to implement the system of modern electronic university providing the education of students through the Internet technologies.

The concluded agreement establishes conditions for active scientific, sport and cultural life of the universities. The agreement will be in force for 5 years. Other pedagogical universities of Ural and Volga Region are also intended to join the so-called confederacy in the near future. The concentration of powers of several universities is supposed to enhance the quality of teacher’s training in Perm Krai.