Full name

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education ‘Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University’



PSHPU logo

PSHPU logo

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The author of the logo is the rector of the University Andrei K. Kolesnikov.

The logo is a combination of two sense-making constants.

Firstly, it is a stylized image of the main building of the University that has become PSHPU recognizable visual image.

Secondly, its bordering laurel wreath used in neoclassical heraldic tradition as a symbol of glory and peace, wisdom and constancy, victory over ignorance and achievement of prosperity, crowned with success of virtue and labor.

Schematic representation of the steps, personifying a pathway to knowledge, is situated at the base of the wreath.

The logo symbolizes desire for knowledge, elevation of thought and spirit, rich experience.

Symbolic meanings of colours:

  • Purple with a touch of gray - modesty and power of creation.
  • Orangeis connected with such qualities, as activity, ambitions, will, endurance, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Light gray expresses freedom and lofty state, readiness to new contacts.
  • White is characterized by perfection and completeness, as it includes the power of all colors.
PSHPU flag

Flag is one of the main identity symbols of the University. It can also be used with advertising and decorative aims.

PSHPU flag